Landlords Information

Letting a property can be a stressful time with many things to think about. Frequently asked questions are available on our FAQs page.

  • What if the property doesn't let?
  • What if I can't find a suitable tenant?
  • What happens with Bills? Insurance?

That is why we are here to take the burden off you and provide an efficient solution to these questions. Nixon's are the specialists.

Our Fees are simple

12.5% commission + VAT of the monthly rental

Nixon Lettings

Nixons Lettings Do All The Paperwork

  • Drawing up of lease agreement
  • Change of tenancy for Gas, Electricity, Council Tax
  • Provide Gas safety certificates
  • Assist in Inventory lists (if furnished)
  • Take photographs of the property (if furnished)
  • Advertise on our website
  • Arrange for the house to be inspected twice a year by our team

Tenants Information

Nixon's specialise in finding you the ideal property - depending on what you are looking for. Unlike many of our competitors we have no hidden charges - i.e. registration fees, and advertising fees.

We provide tenants with the services below.

  • Invite you to the office to find out what you are looking for
  • Match your needs to our property lists
  • Gather references for you from previous landlords
  • Find you the perfect property and move you in

Company Mission

We believe in keeping it simple - All you have to do is provide us with ID, previous references and the deposit for the property plus the 1st month's rent. No hidden charges.

Whether you have a property to let or are looking for the perfect property to live in, Nixon's can help.

If you have a question please call us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Tenants Information
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